Probiotics and the Upper Respiratory Tract - A Review

The interest in gut micro biota has emerged in recent decades. Gut micro biota has been associated with the promotion of health, the increased the risk of disease, and the maintenance of some diseases. Upper respiratory infections caused by viruses are among the most common health problems in humans [1]. In addition to the misery of sickness, these infections result in a significant burden on society in terms of healthcare visits, absences from work, and reduced school attendance. In addition, unnecessary medical costs are incurred. The careless use of antibiotics during respiratory tract infections has resulted in the constantly growing resistance of microbes to antibiotics [2]. The complications of upper respiratory infections, such as otitis and sinusitis, also result in high expenses and expose patients to potentially harmful operations. If viral upper respiratory infections could be prevented and treated, these outlays would be minimized.


Laura Tapiovaara, Anne Pitkaranta, Riitta Korpela

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